Equal Rights ...


Schloss Überwaldburg
Bad Grabstein

Frau Dr Woodhouse
Ünterwaldisch Commission for Equal Rights 
Anti-Discrimination Division
Bad Jujuheimer


A Little Something from my "Sinners" files ...


A Gothic Tale

Welcome to the Schloss Überwaldburg. I am Wolfgang, Count von Überwaldburg, Vicomte Wolfswald und Graf von Grabstein, your host. The estimable Mr King suggested I host this little soiree, and share some of the horrors pleasures, of the Schloss. I cannot, of course, reveal all - it might overwhelm some more sensitive souls, so I shall share a simple, and, perhaps, cautionary tale of recent date with you.

The writing challenge ...


Being an author is an interesting, and sometimes challenging, mix. You're constantly having to juggle ideas for your next book(s), identify the research, market your existing catalogue and find space to actually write something. This is true whether you're published by a 'traditional' publisher, or an 'independent'. It is up to the author to make sure the story hangs together, that the background research is sound, and, of course, the written word is going to hold your reader's attention.

The Glorious Days of Old ...


Reading historical novels is enjoyable, but I often find myself wondering whether I'd like to return to the "good old days". The simple answer is probably not. Life certainly seemed less stressed and less complicated, but was it really? Reading the pages of some historical novels you could be forgiven for thinking it was not only more relaxed, but a lot more enjoyable. In some things it probably was, but it depended a lot on your social position and your 'wealth'. We forget, I think, that one reason men's shirts had detachable collars was that most people only own two or three. A detachable collar meant being able to wear a clean one more frequently than one changed the shirt it was attached to. Until very recently in the UK most men owned possibly two suits, one for every day wear, and one for 'high days and holy days' - the Sunday 'best' outfit.

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